The book of James is not one of the easiest books to study. As is described in this epistle, the chapters of this brief letter provide a mirror, by which we can make adjustments in our attitude and actions. James, the writer, is direct and blunt. He comes across as kind of an “in your face” older, protective brother, watching out for


Life Application
It is one of those songs. You know, the kind of song that gets stuck in your head and you can’t seem to get rid of it. It was a catchy tune; although a bit cheesy and goofy. But I think many of you, like me, would have to admit that we like it. Even now as I am typing I have this tremendous urge to begin nodding my head back and forth as
His name was Matt Hupp, and he was a different sort of kid. He was considered weird by some, and he definitely marched to the beat of his own drummer.  According to the standards of the day, he was fashionably unaware.  While other kids were sporting their Hang Ten shirts, O.P. shorts and Vans two tones…this 11 year old, bravely
It was a 3-shirt day. In other words, it was summer in the Coachella Valley. Mary Beth and I, as well as the Bible College students, were preparing the retreat-center property for an incoming retreat. The grounds had been tended to, plumbing fixed, and bed linens laundered and placed on the beds. It had been a full week. When all was said and
Prior to 1994 in South Africa, an oppressive political system called Apartheid existed. The country had more than 30 million blacks, and only 4 million whites, yet whites had the ruling authority. Prejudice and racism existed in the form of atrocities- beatings, torture, and even murder. This was done to keep the balance of power intact.
Homework was done, chores were done, so I headed out to the greenbelt to meet up with my best bud, Mike Hanson. Mike was a scrawny, wiry kid, filled with spit and vinegar. His mom was Mexican and his dad was Irish. He seemed to possess the stereotypical temper from both nationalities. Mike and I shared the same 10-year-old’s passions of
Familiar faces…familiar places…we find a measure of comfort and dependency in that which is familiar. We like routine. For the most part, we are indeed, “creatures of habit.” This is true of me to a fault. Take me out of my routine for a week, and frankly, I can become a bit of a bear to be around. Familiarity can be
At the time, we did not consider the outcome of our actions…it just seemed like a fun and funny thing to do. Didn’t think about what our decision might do to someone else. It was a Friday night in the beautiful Bel Meadow apartments and we were bored. Nothing sounded good…Lego’s…No…Wiffle
Living in Southern California years ago, I was able to enjoy mini-escapes to a second run movie theater that was just a few blocks away from my home. This provided Mary Beth and I a much needed reprieve, especially during the sweltering heat of Coachella Valley Summers. I’m sure after enduring this last heat wave in the foothills, many of