Prior to 1994 in South Africa, an oppressive political system called Apartheid existed. The country had more than 30 million blacks, and only 4 million whites, yet whites had the ruling authority. Prejudice and racism existed in the form of atrocities- beatings, torture, and even murder. This was done to keep the balance of power intact.
Homework was done, chores were done, so I headed out to the greenbelt to meet up with my best bud, Mike Hanson. Mike was a scrawny, wiry kid, filled with spit and vinegar. His mom was Mexican and his dad was Irish. He seemed to possess the stereotypical temper from both nationalities. Mike and I shared the same 10-year-old’s passions of
Familiar faces…familiar places…we find a measure of comfort and dependency in that which is familiar. We like routine. For the most part, we are indeed, “creatures of habit.” This is true of me to a fault. Take me out of my routine for a week, and frankly, I can become a bit of a bear to be around. Familiarity can be
At the time, we did not consider the outcome of our actions…it just seemed like a fun and funny thing to do. Didn’t think about what our decision might do to someone else. It was a Friday night in the beautiful Bel Meadow apartments and we were bored. Nothing sounded good…Lego’s…No…Wiffle