Missions Updates- Last Updated August 2020

Viv & Jean Penfold
Missionaries Viv and Jean Penfold spent years in various endeavors including evangelism, discipling and
church planting in India under their ministry banner, No Limits, and raising funds in cooperation with Missionary
Ventures. They are currently involved in discipling and ministry in their home church in Stockport, Cheshire,
UK, as well as churches in the US and Europe. www.nolimitsmissions.co.uk
New Life Ministry
Missionaries Viv and Jean Penfold started New Life Ministry and raised funds with Missionary Ventures for
three orphanages in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The Church of Tollhouse pays for the upkeep of one
of them, the Tanuku Children’s Home. At the 3 homes there are 40 children altogether, who are housed, fed,
clothed, educated, and taught that Jesus loves and is caring for them. More recently, the Penfolds oversaw the
completion of the Isnapur Medical Center outside of Hyderabad, Pradesh. With Missionary Ventures, the
Kingdom Discipleship Center was also started to train disciples in church planting and evangelism, especially
in unreached tribal areas. Hundreds of new churches have been planted through the efforts of this center’s
Del & Arielle Griffith
Del and Arielle Griffith and their 4 children, Ezra, Silas, Abel and Tekla, are serving with Ethnos 360 in the Jola
Fogny people group of coastal Southern Senegal. They are in the process of learning the Wolof dialect and
culture of the 350,000 Jola ethnic group, where they are living, planting a church, preaching and translating the
Gospel into the ethnic language of these people. They have built their own house, with solar power for their
well, and are growing their own food. Del has a bicycle which allows him to visit with neighbors and share the
Gospel. Arielle home-schools her children, and the family are all learning the Wolof dialect. Eventually, Arielle
plans to work on Bible translation. (http://blogs.ethnos360.org/delwyn-griffith/give) (Ethnos360 Acct #202091)
TJ and Lily Shropshire
TJ and Lily Shropshire and their 3 daughters, Ava, Penny & Mae, are also serving with Ethnos360 and the
Griffith family in the Jola Fogny region in Southern Senegal. They are currently building their house and
learning the Wolof dialect with goal of church planting, translating the Bible, and preaching the Gospel to this
unreached people group. (tjshropshire@gmail.com) (www.tjandlily.com) (Ethnos360 Acct #800849)
Zach & Sara Prieb
Zach and Sara Prieb and their 3 children, Elizabeth (Ellie), Mikayla and Elijah, are serving with Ethnos360 in
the Asia Pacific area of Manado, Sulut. Indonesia. They have been learning the local language and culture and
doing ministry activities at the Indonesian Missionary Training Center for Tribal Missions, where nationals can
get Bible and cross-cultural training for evangelism in their own country. Zach has started a Vocational Skills
Program, teaching 12 various skills classes (electricity and installing circuits, solar power, electronics &
computers, responsible farming techniques, as well as the 17 Old Testament Prophetic Books) while Sara is
home-schooling their children, teaching about gardening, and updating the Health Curriculum as part of the
Health Team of women. Zach and Sara both teach a Discipleship Class.
(http://blogs.ethnos360.org/zachary_prieb) (zprieb@gmail.com and scprieb@gmail.com)
Matt and Shelley Actis
Matt and Shelley Actis and their 4 daughters, Lindsay, Kennedy, Sophie, and Chloe, are serving with United
World Mission in Jinja, Uganda, where they are working in an impoverished rural village called Bugosere. Their
daughters are now in school in Kenya and the US. Matt continues to teach Biblical studies with local pastors,
and Shelley teaches young girls education classes at their New Life Skills Center. Both have been teaching
Growing Crops God’s Way to improve local farming techniques, and the Ugandan girls have also been learning
to sew at the Sewing Center. (www.Hope58.org) (Matt.Actis@uwm.org) (Facebook: Actis Mission)

Christ Sanctuary International (CSI) Uganda
Pastor Tucker and Irene Nsabuga have started the CSI Church and the CSI Junior and Elementary Schools in
Kampala and 5 other elementary schools in surrounding areas. Over 684 students, many from Muslim families,
are sponsored to be able to attend these Christian schools which are greatly needed, as government schools
are too expensive and out of reach for most families. The CSI Medical Center has been opened with staff,
equipment and an ambulance! The Luweero property and a tractor have been purchased, where crops are
grown to feed the CSI and surrounding population. Containers filled with classroom and medical supplies have
been received from the USA, and CSI has planted 9 churches. A new vocational school is starting soon to
teach valuable life skills. (CSI-USA c/o Carol Woody 2371 S.E. Meadow Court, Gresham, OR 97080 503-665-
2905) Carol@CSIMinistry.org or Sponsors@CSIMinistry.org or www.ChristSanctuaryUSA.org
Banah de Christo Ministries, Mexico
Robert and Alicia Lawrence had a vision to start the Escuela Superior de Teologia (the Advanced Institute of
Theology) in Sonora, Mexico. In 2017, the Mexican government gave them permission to offer the LIC in
Biblical Theology. Their desire is to raise up a new generation of Mexican national graduates who will attend
this totally self-sufficient institution—a work/study model which allows the poor to attend any school of ministry.
Graduates would then become Christian conference speakers, apologists, professors, and authors with an
understanding of the Scriptures in relation to the culture of Mexico. Currently students are learning construction
skills, as they work on the school building, as well as studying the Scriptures. (www.banahdecristo.com)
Deborah Naigaga and Child Evangelism International
Deborah Naigaga from Uganda has joined the Fresno staff of Child Evangelism Fellowship as a field
missionary, training and equipping the 394 volunteers in the CEF programs. One of these programs is the
Good News Clubs where the Gospel is taught to children after school for 1 hour/week. There are now 88 clubs
in 24 school districts in the south valley, ministering to 6,796 children in 2018-19. Other CEF programs include
5-day Summer Clubs and seasonal Party Clubs. The Church of Tollhouse supports the Good News Club at
Foothill Elementary. (CEF office 559-226-5539 or deborahnaigaga@gmail.com or
Pregnancy Care Center

The Pregnancy Care Center is a faith-based, life-affirming, independent, locally organized and funded non-
profit organization that has been offering help and hope to women, families and babies in the Central Valley

since 1984. They have impacted the lives of more than 110,000 individuals and helped 20,000 moms and dads
keep their babies in 35 years. The new center is located at 1127 E. Olive Ave., Fresno, with a second office at
Maple and Herndon Ave, and a mobile clinic offering pregnancy tests, ultra-sounds, compassionate
counseling, education and resources to men and women, in addition to offering healing and restoration to
those hurt by abortion. Office: 559-237-0789 Client for appt. or info.: 559-237-0683
Operation Christmas Child
Each year families and individuals at the Church of Tollhouse fill shoeboxes with toys, school supplies and
hygiene items to bring Christmas joy to children overseas who have little or nothing of their own. Since 1993,
Samaritan’s Purse has delivered over 100,000,000 shoebox gifts in over 160 nations. Each box includes a
Gospel booklet in the child’s own language, and a follow-up discipleship course of 12 lessons is also offered.
5 million children received Christ as Savior over the past 5 years. 600 boxes were sent from the local area last
year. Contact the Church office at 559-855-2106 to reach Coordinator Kathy Shrewsbury.