Audio-Visual Ministry

The Audio-Visual Ministry is dedicated to the listening and visual pleasure of the worship of the congregation. It is our purpose to make the worship experience pleasant and enjoyable so worshipers can have that intimate experience with God that comes when they are free to be in His presence.

Qualifications (projectionist):

If you like computers this is the place for you. You must:

1. Love God and His people.

2. Have basic computer skills.

3. Have a commitment to come early during Sunday morning practice (8:30 am) to input scriptures and learn songs.

4. Dedicate your full attention to the computer during the worship service.

5. Attend projector, computer, and software training. The majority of it is very easy and can be done in 1 or 2 sittings if you are familiar with computers.


Qualifications (sound board):

If you like tinkering with the stereo in your car or at home to get just that right mix of base and treble, the sound board ministry is right up your alley. You must:

1. Love God and His people.

2. Have a good ear for sound and be sensitive to the different sounds instruments make.

3. Be able to work with other people (i.e. worship team).

4. Be dedicated to come Sunday morning (8:30 am) so you are available for the worship team to set up and practice.

5. Focus your full attention on the sound board during the worship service.

6. Attend multiple sound board training sessions. Training is extensive and will require several weeks of training during the practices and worship service.

For more information or if you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact our Audio-Visual Ministry Leader, Ron Sustaric, at 855-8398. Of course we will train you on all aspects required for this ministry.


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