Nursery Ministry

At the Church of Tollhouse your children are a blessing to us! That is why the Nursery Ministry strives to offer them a loving and secure environment, allowing you the freedom to spend time in the Word without worry or distraction over your precious baby.

We Provide a Safe Environment:

  • Our primary nursery attendants are parents or grandparents. All of our nursery helpers are trusted babysitters in our church and/or are supervised by a primary nursery attendant.
  • All of our volunteers work on a team of at least two people, whenever possible.
  • The equipment and toys in our nursery are safe, up-to-date, and are regularly sterilized.

Check-In Procedure:

  • Please sign your child in and out on the clipboard in the nursery.
  • Please alert us to any food allergy or any special instructions.
  • Label your child's bottles, cups, pacifiers, etc. -- anything that may be used during their stay in the nursery. A permanent marker is provided for this.

What We Ask of You:

    • Please do not leave sick children. A clear runny nose is acceptable. If your child has had ANY of the following in the last 24 hours, please keep him/her with you:
      • A cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, open fever blisters, rash, pink eye, lice, ....OR ANY OTHER CONTAGIOUS ailment.
  • We would really appreciate it if you would pick your child(ren) up immediately following the service so our nursery volunteers can leave.
  • Please do not try to "slip away" from your child unnoticed. Tell him/her you are leaving and then leave immediately. If your child continues to be upset, we will come and get you.
  • Unless you are breast feeding, please do not stop by to check on your child. This brief appearance can be upsetting for your child, even if it hasn't been a problem before. Please tell older siblings the same.
  • Please provide the following:
    • At least two clean diapers
    • A change of clothes for your baby
    • A drink or an empty cup or bottle to be filled with water

If you would like more information about this ministry or would like to volunteer, please contact our Nursery Ministry Director, Rachel Thomas, at 392-8583.