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How to Get the Sunday Morning Message Delivered Automatically to Your Computer

How would you like to have Pastor Rob's Sunday Morning Message (or even his blog) automatically appear on your computer each week? Well, now you can, just by subscribing* to an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. What a convenience and a blessing! Just think, if you miss the service or if you would like to hear the message again (and again) — it will be delivered to your computer by the close of business each Thursday. Perhaps there is someone you know that is homebound or does not attend a formal church at this time — you could share this information with them so they too can benefit from Pastor Rob's teaching.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed delivers frequently updated content published by a website directly to your desktop. It is commonly used for news and blog websites. Feeds can also be used to deliver audio content, usually in MP3 format, which you can listen to on your computer or portable audio device. This is how you can get PastorRob's Sunday Morning Service Message delivered automatically to your computer without having to go to the Church’s website! When you subscribe (to any RSS feed), your browser will regularly check the website and download the new content so you can see what is new since you last visited the feed.

How do I view a feed?

When you visit a webpage, if feeds are available, the RSS Feed icon RSS Icon in your browser bar will change color, letting you know that feeds are available. Click the RSS Feed icon RSS Icon and then select the feed you want to see. To get content automatically, you need to subscribe to the feed.

How do I subscribe to a feed?

1. Open Internet Explorer (if you use Safari or Firefox, the procedure is a little different).

2. To subscribe specifically to the Church of Tollhouse’s Sunday Morning Message RSS feed you should first go to and select “Listen Online”; next, select “2015 Sunday Morning Messages”; and then, click on the “View RSS Feed” button.

3. Click on the link that says, “Subscribe to this feed.”

4. A dialog box will pop up. Type in a name for the feed and select the folder you want to create the feed in.

5. Click the “Subscribe” button.

6. You can access your feeds from the “Favorites” panel of Internet Explorer. Just select the “Feeds” tab. Microsoft Outlook (2007) will also list all of your feeds in the “Mail” section.

7. To subscribe to any other RSS feed, first go to the website/webpage that has the feed you want to subscribe to; next, click the RSS Feed icon RSS Icon to discover what feeds are available on the webpage; then, select the feed you are interested in subscribing to; finally, follow steps 3-7.

* There is no charge for this subscription.