Important Details Regarding Fasting
by Pastor Rob Morton

It requires humility. (Joel 2:12)

Involves confession and repentance. (Joel 2:13)

There are seasons in which God calls his people to it. (Joel 2:15)

It is not for serving self or drawing attention to self. (Isaiah 58:3-4) (Matthew 6:16-18

Some bonds are not overcome without it. (Matthew 17:21)

It provokes greater dependency. (Matthew 17:21)

It increases communication. (Isaiah 58:11)

It awakens awareness of authority. (Matthew 17:21)

It is a tool by which our hearts are broken for that which breaks the Father’s Heart. (Isaiah 58:6)

It is often followed by a change of heart and behavior. (Isaiah 58:9-10)

It is often followed by restoration. (Isaiah 58:11-12) (Joel 2:19)

It is often followed by victory over oppression. (Joel 2:20)

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